Thrive Podcast

Featuring discussions on how people work with water, land and ecosystems to make a sustainable food future.

On the Thrive podcast, we interview researchers and professionals – asking what makes them tick, what keeps them awake at night and what they’ve learned.

We also look more deeply into the many ways in which farmers and scientists are working together to understand how food supplies can be made more sustainable in an era of large, fast-moving changes.  

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Previous podcast episodes include:

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  • A social science approach to agricultural dilemmas
  • Water rights re-examined
  • Preparing for hotter, colder, wetter and drier
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  • Bringing soils back to life: A conversation with Deborah Bossio
  • Restoring an invisible lifeline: soil
  • Podcast: Andrew Noble on feeding the future
  • Re-thinking resilience in the Fogera region of Ethiopia