Jennie Barron

Jennie Barron Bio

Professor at SLU, Sweden

Former Co-Leader of Land and Water Solutions, WLE 

Jennie Barron is a professor of water management in agricultural landscapes in the Department of Soil Science and Environment at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, Sweden and co-led the Land and Water Solutions research theme for WLE until November 2019. Her professional interests include development and transformation of agro-ecosystems and landscapes, water and land management, policy engagement and  capacity strengthening in sub-Sahara Africa and Asia. Before joining SLU, Jennie was the head of the Sustainable Agricultural Water Management theme at IWMI. Before that, she was a Senior Researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute (UK), specializing in agriculture, water, ecosystems and development. She attended the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University .

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