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Opportunities for researchers: March 2021

Below is a selection of opportunities for researchers working on sustainable agriculture issues, including grants, workshops, journal calls, etc.

Through the Thrive Network for Sustainable Agriculture Researchers, we are sharing opportunities – our own and collated – via email and social media. Please join to find out about upcoming grants, events and resources, and share your own information:

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Announcement: Before we provide the details of upcoming researcher opportunities, we would like to take this opportunity to regretfully announce the departure of our Program Director, Izabella Koziell, later this month. Izabella will be taking up the position of Deputy Director General at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). We thank Izabella for her hard work and dedication over the past four years and wish her well in her new role. Moving forward, Stefan Uhlenbrook will take over as Program Director, with Claudia Ringler as Deputy Program Director.

Opportunities: curated for ThriveNet Researchers, March 2021

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Blogs / OpEds: We can help you turn good ideas into Thrive Blogs and Op-Eds, or even infographics, connecting your work to interested and invested readers. Below are recent links – please read and share!

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