Faseeh Shams/IWMI

UNFSS Independent Dialogue in Pakistan

Role of Water-Energy-Food Nexus for achieving food security in a changing climate for Pakistan

10:00–12:30 pm, online only.

An Independent Dialogue convened by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and partners to discuss water‐energy‐food (WEF) nexus approaches to achieve food systems transformation in Pakistan. Insights emerging from this national, multi‐stakeholder forum will be presented to the United Nations Food System Summit (UNFSS) in September 2021. Transforming food systems is among one of the most powerful ways to make progress towards all 17 #SDGs. An expected key outcome of this Dialogue would be getting involved and sharing the views of stakeholders across Pakistan on sustainable foods systems transformation and importance of WEF nexus in a changing climate. The Dialogue will explore reaching a common understanding and finding local solutions to the challenges facing food and water systems transformation along with attendant issues of water security for a range of other sectors.

The session is designed to be interactive, allowing for small group discussion, collective brainstorming, and agenda‐setting. As the region maps out the road to UNFSS 2021, this Dialogue will focus on the role of water and energy in food systems transformation. Speakers and panellists from across the world and region will discuss how systems transformation for equitable food and water security in Pakistan can be achieved. The Dialogue will provide a knowledge platform to better understand the water‐energy‐food nexus under a changing climate and guidance to develop more climate‐resilient water and land solutions at multiple scales (farm, irrigation system, basin, country and regional) in the Indus Basin. The outcome of this Dialogue will support climate adaptation interventions at various scales leading to reduced water consumption from the agriculture sector in the Indus Basin.

Participants are expected to present from key line ministries and agencies of the Pakistan Government, national research institutions, FAO, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, universities, NGOs, private sector, and development partners including CGIAR Centers (IFPRI, ICARDA and CIMMYT).

Meeting platform: Zoom (Will be shared soon), by invitation only.

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