Georgina Smith/CIAT.

Nile and East Africa Focal Region Meeting

The WLE Focal Regions takes a research for development approach to address challenges in four major regions: the Nile-East Africa; the Volta-Niger; the Ganges; and the Greater Mekong. The projects in each region attempt to collectively demonstrate that an integrated multi-sector approach is required to change unsustainable approaches to agricultural intensification and to address the increasing pressure on natural resources.

This workshop will bring together the Nile-East Africa focal region leaders and managers to reflect on the first year of implementation, develop a cross basin learning agenda, and interact and engage with key managers and researchers.

The objectives are to:

  • Identify strategies to boost integration between projects in the regions
  • Identify strategies for cross basin learning and to improve links to other partners and programs
  • Share experiences across focal regions in implementation
  • Improve institutional and political economy analysis
  • Prepare for upcoming regional forums
  • Prepare an action plan the next year and a half and plan for the transition to WLE Phase II