Georgina Smith/CIAT.

Ethiopia’s food future and One CGIAR

Ethiopia's Food Future: Journalist field visit / story lab

From May 8-10, WLE's ThriveNet, CIAT and partners will be hosting a journalist event in Hosana and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to demonstrate how researchers, policy-makers and farmers are working together to restore degraded lands for the environment and livelihoods. Ethiopia’s Food Future will take journalists to the field where new practices and technologies including reforestation, land reclamation, soil mapping, and solar technology are leading to higher agricultural yields and more sustainable farming.


  • May 8: Three hour briefing workshop. ILRI Campus, Addis Ababa (likely 2-5PM, TBC)
  • May 9 morn-May 10 eve: Overnight field visit to Hosana “blooming fields” sites
  • May 14 (optional): WOCAT event: meet global experts and see cutting edge solutions
  • Print, broadcast or web/social media journalists. Editors. Senior or junior reporters. Environmental, agricultural, policy or business reporters
  • No cost for participants. All travel and event costs will be covered by WLE-Thrive

Participants will:

  • Develop stories ideas to be independently published in their home media outlets
  • Learn about climate and environmental challenges for food, sustainable land management, food systems, major upcoming EthioCAT policy decision
  • Visit communities where cutting edge practices restored productive food production
  • Interview scientists, farmers, communities, NGOs, government

The event will comes ahead of the WOCAT symposium, where a global network of experts working on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) will convene in Addis Ababa on May 13 and 14. Based on the symposium, the Government of Ethiopia will make a decision on its approach to EthioCAT, a national network that promotes knowledge sharing and use to support adaptation and decision-making in SLM, which would feed into the global WOCAT network.


One CGIAR - Greater than the sum of its parts

On May 15, the CGIAR Systems Council will hold its annual meeting on the ILRI campus in Addis Ababa. Titled One CGIAR—Greater than the sum of its parts, the meeting creates a great opportunity for CGIAR centres to showcase their innovative and collaborative work to the Systems Council and local partners. WLE and other CGIAR programs and Centres will showcase their work through interactive displays under the framework of five CGIAR global challenges: food security, environmental sustainability, public health, inclusive growth and equality of opportunity.