Lisa-Maria Rebelo

Senior Researcher, Remote Sensing and GIS, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Co-leader of the Decision Analysis and Information Systems Research Theme, WLE


Lisa-Maria Rebelo is a Senior Researcher at IWMI, with over 15 years experience in the use of remote sensing for improved land and water management in Africa and Asia. Lisa has extensive experience in the use of remote sensing for wetland inventory, assessment and monitoring, and the application of these data to improve understanding of the influence of various agricultural water management practices on wetlands and other agro-ecosystems. Her research also focuses on the development of new remote sensing based methods to determine interactions between basin scale hydrological and ecological functioning, and water availability and allocation. Lisa holds a PhD in Remote Sensing from University College London, UK.

Content authored by Lisa-Maria Rebelo

  • River in Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR. Photo Credit: Ian Taylor/CPWF Mekong.

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