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I would like to suggest one other approach that could enable linking the location pinned soil information to economic and societal policies. Cognizant of the role that people play in shaping the status of the soils, It is imperative to link human decision to soil nutrient/ soil material balance. with the existence of location pinned sil data, it is possible to link it with social and economic situations that frame the decisions of the parcel users. Ultimately, we should be able to predict the likely outcome in soil management practices resulting from changes in say improved incomes, education or gender equity. These social and economic factors may not directly influence the soil status but indirectly do so through their influence on human decisions and actions. This will also ensure that soil scientists do not work as an isolated discipline but addresses the ripple effects of changes in other sectors where government and policy makers focus on, who as you have idniacted are not interested in touching the dirt.