Action Track 5: Build resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stresses

Action Track 5 ensures the continued functionality of sustainable food systems in areas prone to conflict or natural disasters. It also promotes global action to protect food supplies from the impacts of pandemics, empowers people within a food system to prepare for, withstand and recover from instability and aims to help people everywhere participate in food systems that, despite shocks and stressors, deliver food security, nutrition and equitable livelihoods for all. 

WLE is contributing to AT3 Action Area 1 on Food Systems Resilience and has submitted several game-changing solutions to the UNFSS Secretariat (compiled into papers available here and here):  

  • Agricultural water stewardship and accompanying regulations and policies to incentivize low carbon and water (re)use pathways.
  • Water-Energy-Food Nexus approaches and sustainable water management.  

Coalition of Action for Soil Health: Global Soil Hub

WLE has also contributed to a Global Soil Hub that will establish a multi-stakeholder coalition to facilitate the adoption and scaling of restoration practices that improve soil health in productive landscapes through investment and policy action.


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