Faizal Abdul Aziz/CIFOR

Action Track 3: Boost nature-positive production

Action Track 3 (AT3) aims to optimize environmental resource use in food production, processing and distribution, thereby reducing biodiversity loss, pollution, water use, soil degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. In its pursuit of this goal, the Action Track will deepen understanding of the constraints and opportunities facing smallholder farmers and small-scale enterprises along the food value chain. It also strives to support food system governance that realigns incentives to reduce food losses and other negative environmental impacts.

WLE is helping to coordinate AT3 and contributed several game-changing solutions to the UNFSS Secretariat (compiled into a paper available here).

The solutions submitted were: 

  • Managing groundwater resources more sustainably through social learning interventions
  • Nature-based solutions to safeguard water sources and river flows
  • Payment for ecosystem services.


Coalition of Action for Soil Health: Global Soil Hub

WLE has also contributed to a Global Soil Hub that will establish a multi-stakeholder coalition to facilitate the adoption and scaling of restoration practices that improve soil health in productive landscapes through investment and policy action.

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