The Last Drop – the guide for media professionals in India

Download the media guide for India
Download the media guide

Welcome to The Last Drop? – the hands-on guide developed especially for you: journalists, producers and broadcasters in India.

The guide has been designed to help you to give your readers, viewers and listeners the big picture about the critical importance of water in debates on food production, climate change, energy, poverty reduction, development and more.

It gives you the information you need to ask the difficult questions that matter to millions of people:

  • How can India balance rapid population growth with limited water supplies?
  • How can farmers in India use water more efficiently while increasing food production?
  • What are the environmental, social and political issues surrounding contentious hydropower projects in the country?
  • How will climate change in India affect water availability in the countryside and cities?
  • Why are the majority of rivers in India seriously polluted and what can be done to restore them?

Compiled by award-winning journalist Kaya Acharya on behalf of IWMI, The Last Drop? demystifies the issues, revealing very rich ground for telling compelling stories that affect us all.

Download your free copy here.


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