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Position : Senior Researcher- Agricultural Water Management

Office : IWMI – West Africa

Email : t.ellis (at) cgiar.org

Languages spoken : English

Tim joined IWMI’s West Africa Office in Accra, Ghana, in August 2013 as a Senior Researcher – Agricultural Water Management at Accra, after leaving CSIRO Land and Water in Australia, where he worked as a Research Scientist since 2001. He has a BEng (Agriculture) and, in 1987, he held a lectureship for 7 years in South Australia and investigated soil compaction and crop root growth. His PhD from the University of Adelaide, Department of Agronomy and Farming Systems, produced a simple ecohydrological method for estimating deep drainage from alley farming assessment for mitigation of dryland salinity. Tim has measured and modeled: tree and crop water use, agroforestry surface and subsurface hydrology; wastewater reuse for irrigation; runoff from semiarid tropical grazing; hillslope sediment budgets; banded natural and artificial vegetation systems; interception loss; runoff harvesting; and has developed water quality decision support systems. Since 2011, until recently, Tim led an AusAID farming systems project in West Africa.


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Research Areas:
  • Agricultural hydrology
  • Irrigation
  • Agroforestry
  • Farming system design
Research Areas: