Greenwell Matchaya

Senior Researcher - Economics-ReSAKSS Coordinator, Deputy Country Representative - South Africa

Pretoria - South Africa
Greenwell Matchaya


Dr Greenwell Matchaya is currently a Senior International Researcher in Economics at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), a constituent member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). He is a Coordinator of the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support systems program for the Southern Africa region (ReSAKSS-SA)- (which is led by the AKADEMIYA2063).

Before IWMI

Prior to joining the CGIAR group, Greenwell worked at the University of Reading, and at the University of Leeds, both in the United Kingdom on various aspects of development policy. His research focuses on micro and macro-economics of development, including, but not limited to; international agricultural trade, climate change, population and savings, public expenditure, technology/policy adoption and impact, water/agriculture markets, digital technology and mutual accountability in development. Under the ReSAKSS-SA program, Dr Greenwell Matchaya is coordinating efforts of various stakeholders (AKADEMIYA, IWMI, African Union, SADC, etc) towards strengthening analytical capacities of SADC Member States, as one way of enhancing evidence-based agricultural policy planning and implementation. He holds a PhD from University of Leeds in the UK (with a fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), an MA in Economics (University of Leeds), an MSc in Development Economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Oslo), Bachelor of Laws (Universiteit van Suid-Afrika -Pretoria) and a BSc (UNIMA- Malawi). He is an author of more than 30 peer reviewed research items in international journals and book chapters.


English, Chinyanja, Chichewa, French (intermediate)