Darshana Wickramasinghe

Research Analyst - Remote Sensing and GIS

Colombo - Sri Lanka
Darshana Wickramasinghe


Geographic Information Science (GIScience), Satellite Image Analysis, Geographical Information System(GIS), UAV/photogrammetric surveying, digital cartography, nautical charting, bathymetric data processing, spatial data management

Before IWMI

Darshana served as a Nautical Cartographer and GIS Analyst at the National Hydrographic Office of Sri Lanka, where he was involved in creating and updating nautical charts. Additionally, he worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Remote Sensing and GIS at the Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, Darshan collaborated on research works at the Open Source Geospatial (OSGEO) Lab, University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus, which indicates his involvement in open-source geospatial software and tools. Overall, his experiences in geomatics provided him with a comprehensive understanding of spatial data analysis, cartography, and geospatial technologies.


English, Sinhala

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