Filmon Tquabo Gebremariam

Filmon Tquabo Gebremariam

Research Area: Irrigation diagnosis using the OASIS model
Nationality: Ethiopian
Time Frame: May 2014 – November 2014


Filmon is a lecturer at Mekelle University, Ethiopia, along with research and community service responsibilities. His qualifications include a MSc in Irrigation Engineering from Haramaya University, Ethiopia, and a BSc in Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization from Hawassa University, Ethiopia. He has worked as a junior researcher at a regional branch of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) (2007-2009).

I applied for this program on the recommendation of Cai Xueliang who is based at IWMI’s office in South Africa, in order to help me strengthen my research abilities and skills. I am currently based at IWMI-South Africa to work on collaborative research on water management in the Gumsellasa area in Tigray, Ethiopia, using an OASIS computer model.


Comments on completion:

Working with IWMI-Southern Africa was great. I gained a lot of experience both in research and outside. I was pleased with the work environment, the friendly interaction of the staff and the warm welcome and treatment to newly joining interns like me; and the facility was so great. Finally, I would say IWMI-Southern Africa was an ideal place to work in.