Dr. David Molden receives the award for Outstanding Scientist in the CGIAR


Dr. David Molden, winner of the CGIAR award for “Outstanding Scientist of the Year” and Deputy Director General – Research, at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) says that agriculture is both the cause and solution to many of the world’s water problems. The solutions lie in tapping the unmet potential to grow more food with limited water, and the greatest potential lies within areas of high poverty.

At their annual awards ceremony held this year in Montpellier, France, the CGIAR formally acknowledged Dr. Molden’s exemplary leadership of the Comprehensive Assessment along with the many valuable contributions he has made over the years in water productivity and water accounting research.


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Dr. David Molden is interviewed about his accomplishments.

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Publications by David Molden, 2007-2010:

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CGIAR 2009 Awards Ceremony at GCARD Summit, Montpellier, 2010

IWMI’s Dr. David Molden, receives his award for CGIAR Outstanding Scientist of the Year from Katherine Sierra, Chair of the CGIAR


Dr. David Molden of IWMI, receives the award for CGIAR Outstanding Scientist of the Year 2009


David Molden with the Chair, Vice Chair and other officials of the CGIAR after receiving his award


The Winners of the CGIAR Science Awards 2009


Presenting Dr David Molden, CGIAR Outstanding Scientist of the Year 2009