IWMI Financial Statements

IWMI’s financial statements include the statement of financial position, statement of activities, statement of change in net assets, statement of cash flow, accounting policies and notes to the financial statements. These are prepared in accordance with recommendations made in CGIAR’s Accounting Policies and Reporting Practices Manual, Financial Guidelines Series, No. 2, and audited in accordance with international auditing standards.

Download IWMI’s Financial Statements

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2019 [PDF 1.29 Mb]

2018 [PDF 2.40 Mb]

2017 [PDF 582 Kb]

2016 [PDF 1.82 Mb]

2015 [PDF 502Kb]

IWMI financial statements 2014

2014 [PDF 576Kb]


2013 [PDF 2.20Mb]

Financial Statement 2012

2012 [PDF 315Kb]

Financial Statement 2011

2011 [PDF 9Mb]

Financial Statement 2010

2010 [PDF 376KB]

Financial Statment 2008

2009 [PDF 1.1MB]

Financial Statment 2009

2008 [PDF 247KB]