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Community-Based Water Law and Water Resource Management Reform in Developing Countries

Contents & Contributers

Series Foreword

1. Community-based Water Law and Water Resource Management Reform in Developing Countries: Rationale, Contents and Key Messages
Barbara van Koppen, Mark Giordano, John Butterworth and Everisto Mapedza

2. Understanding Legal Pluralism in Water and Land Rights: Lessons from Africa and Asia
Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Leticia Nkonya

3. Community Priorities for Water Rights: Some Conjectures on Assumptions, Principles and Programmes
Bryan Bruns

4. Dispossession at the Interface of Community-based Water Law and 46 Permit Systems
Barbara van Koppen

5. Issues in Reforming Informal Water Economies of Low-income Countries: Examples from India and Elsewhere
Tushaar Shah

6. Legal Pluralism and the Politics of Inclusion: Recognition and Contestation of Local Water Rights in the Andes
Rutgerd Boelens, Rocio Bustamante and Hugo de Vos

7. Water Rights and Rules, and Management in Spate Irrigation Systems in Eritrea, Yemen and Pakistan
Abraham Mehari, Frank van Steenbergen and Bart Schultz

8. Local Institutions for Wetland Management in Ethiopia: Sustainability and State Intervention
Alan B. Dixon and Adrian P. Wood

9. Indigenous Systems of Conflict Resolution in Oromia, Ethiopia
Desalegn Chemeda Endossa, Seleshi Bekele Awulachew, Regassa Ensermu Namara, Mukand Singh Babel and Ashim Das Gupta

10. Kenya’s New Water Law: an Analysis of the Implications of Kenya’s Water Act, 2002, for the Rural Poor
Albert Mumma

11. Coping with History and Hydrology: How Kenya’s Settlement and Land Tenure Patterns Shape Contemporary Water Rights and Gender Relations in Water
Leah Onyango, Brent Swallow, Jessica L. Roy and Ruth Meinzen-Dick

12. Irrigation Management and Poverty Dynamics: Case Study of the Nyando Basin in Western Kenya
Brent Swallow, Leah Onyango and Ruth Meinzen-Dick

13. If Government Failed, how are we to Succeed? The Importance of History and Context in Present-day Irrigation Reform in Malawi
Anne Ferguson and Wapulumuka Mulwafu

14. A Legal–Infrastructural Framework for Catchment Apportionment
Bruce Lankford and Willie Mwaruvanda

15. Intersections of Law, Human Rights and Water Management in Zimbabwe: Implications for Rural Livelihoods
Bill Derman, Anne Hellum, Emmanuel Manzungu, Pinimidzai Sithole and Rose Machiridza