IWMI is a partner in the Water Pavilion and a member of the 2023 Steering Committee.

Terra Sustainability Pavilion at Expo City Dubai, the venue of COP28. Stefan Tomic
Terra Sustainability Pavilion at Expo City Dubai, the venue of COP28. Stefan Tomic

The COP28 Water for Climate Pavilion has unveiled its official website, providing a digital platform to showcase innovative solutions and facilitate international collaboration on water-related issues.

The website, which can be accessed at WaterForClimate.net, promises to be a vital resource during the upcoming COP28 summit, where the role of water towards climate mitigation and adaptation are expected to be among the critical topics during negotiations. The Pavilion brings together experts, policymakers, and organizations to discuss and implement strategies that ensure the responsible and equitable use of the world’s most precious resource: water.

The Water Pavilion gathers more than 60 partners from governments, international and intergovernmental institutions, NGOs, and the private sector. It is formally supported by the Governments of Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands, Senegal, Slovenia, Sweden, Tajikistan, and the United Kingdom. All partners share the same commitment to science-based policies that place water as a tool to accelerate climate action. With the broad range of expertise from our numerous partners, we can demonstrate transformative water solutions for climate resilience across all sectors and governance levels.

The website includes a schedule of events, to stay updated on water-related events, webinars, and conferences happening worldwide, and access information about COP28 Water Pavilion sessions.

In the knowledge hub, users can explore key messages on how water is essential to climate solutions. Read the main demands from the water community around the climate policy processes and the UNFCCC workstreams. The knowledge hub is also a comprehensive repository of articles, reports, and research papers on water-related topics, offering valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with water management.

In addition to the Water Pavilion, IWMI will participate in COP28 across a variety of pavilions, including Food and Agriculture, IUCN, and the Secretary General of the GCC.

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