In commemoration of World Food Loss and Waste Day on September 29, Africa, a region grappling with food scarcity, confronts a pressing issue as up to 30 percent of its total food production is lost due to inadequate post-harvest handling practices, leading to concerns among African governments. This wastage contributes significantly to import bills as countries are forced to import food to meet rising demand. Dr. Ojongetakakah Enokenwa Baa, affiliated with the International Water Management System (IWMI), underscores that a staggering 70 percent of food is wasted at the household, food service, and retail levels. IWMI’s efforts, with a focus on gender and social inclusion, aim to provide agricultural technology, packaging, and design solutions to help smallholder farmers and agri-businesses reduce food wastage at all these levels, with a particular emphasis on empowering women involved in food production within households to minimize food loss and waste.

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