Media Release

29 November 2022, Colombo – The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Hon. Dinesh Gunawardena visited the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Headquarters in Colombo, on Monday 28 November 2022.

The Prime Minister was received by IWMI’s Management Team and staff, which was followed by an overview of IWMI’s ongoing work in Sri Lanka in the areas of irrigation and productivity, groundwater management, climate resilience, waste management and wetlands conservation.

“As the only International Organization headquartered in Sri Lanka, IWMI takes pride in this opportunity to further strengthen its long-standing partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka,” said Dr. Mark Smith, IWMI Director General.

In its capacity as a CGIAR knowledge and research center, IWMI is supporting the Government of Sri Lanka to develop, enhance, and implement several land and water-based management policies. With capacity strengthening at the heart of its work, IWMI is collaborating with line ministries, government agencies, universities, donors and vulnerable communities to provide data and evidence for stronger policies and practices around land and water management.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to the IWMI Director General: “Over the past four decades, IWMI has supported us in a number of land and water-based management policies and assisted our institutions to implement several water management initiatives in the country. We seek IWMI’s research and guidance in wastewater reuse and water recycling, food security and food waste, and in achieving Sri Lanka’s climate goals. IWMI has taken the lead in these areas, and we appreciate the Institute’s research and commitment. We look towards working closely with IWMI through a continuous dialogue between our institutions and our planners, to prepare for potential climate-related crises.”

“From our Headquarters in Sri Lanka, we work with partners across Asia and across Africa on innovation in irrigation technologies and management to increase the production and resilience of farmers, and to strengthen national food security,” said Dr. Smith. “Through our partnerships in Sri Lanka, we are able to use knowledge and innovation for water management to strengthen development. IWMI stands ready to continue supporting the Government of Sri Lanka through evidence-based climate change and water research in the context of economic development and revival in the country,” he concluded.