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On the occasion of World Water Day on March 22, Diana Suhardiman writes about a “rights-based approach” to Mekong hydropower development that tries to ensure local communities just outcomes, as hydropower development continues to be promoted among the Mekong countries especially in Lao PDR

Mekong hydropower is developing rapidly, albeit not without controversies. Presented as a key means to promote economic growth and reduce poverty, hydropower development is occurring at a fast pace throughout the different countries of mainland Southeast Asia.

At present, there are 78 dams already commissioned in the Mekong River Basin, with 33 dams under construction, 89 proposed or planned dams, in addition to those that are already under operation (WLE, 2018).  Most of these dams are in Laos, with twelve planned to be built on the Mekong mainstream.

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