Online Irrigation Benchmarking Services

Irrigation benchmarking is a process of comparative analysis of the performance that allows scheme managers to understand the service, financial and other aspects of their system’s performance in relation to other similar irrigation schemes. Irrigation benchmarking is based on voluntary addition of performance data by interested users. Other users may utilize the information to undertake comparative analysis of the available data.

The Online Irrigation Benchmarking Service (OIBS) website offers:

  • Background and guidelines to the benchmarking process and indicators:
  • Access for registered users to add data on line (Benchmarking Services);  review their schemes performance over time and in comparison to other similar schemes using standard indicators; and request contact with managers of similar schemes through the Central Data Processing Unit (CDPU).

OIBS enables non-registered users access to Benchmark indicator results, grouped by categories of irrigation system, for purposes of research.  OIBS can also be utilized for training and education purposes. For more details contact the CDPU through the OIBS web page.

Support for the 2018 revision of the benchmarking program is provided by the Water Land and Ecosystems program, led by IWMI. Partners include International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), the International Research Program on Irrigation and Drainage (IRPID), and Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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