Going into debt with nature is a dangerous thing. When our stocks of water, land and clean air are spent – we don’t have a second planet to borrow from. But that’s exactly the way that Earth is heading. 1 August 2018 marks an annual event, “Earth Overshoot Day”: the day on which the natural resources the planet can regenerate within one year are exhausted. This is the earliest date on which Earth Overshoot Day has ever been reached.

Technology can be used to help farmers produce good crops-Leo Sebastian-IRRI-CCAFS
Technology can be used to help farmers produce good crops. Photo: Leo Sebastian (IRRI-CCAFS)

Recycling wastewater: About 84% of the globe’s freshwater resources are used in agriculture. By 2030 it’s expected that agricultural demand for water alone will outstrip available supply, even before domestic water needs are met.

Yet, over half of global freshwater becomes unusable wastewater. The International Water Management Institute has analysed 24 possibilities for putting that wasted water to work – and generating income at the same time.

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