Inspired by a mobile weather station project led by IWMI’s Yann Chemin, two young research engineers from Sri Lanka have developed their own version of the device as a more advanced, standalone product.

Anuruddha and Thilina with their mobile weather station
Anuruddha (left) and Thilina (right) with their mobile weather station.


Thilina Ambagahawaththa and Anuruddha Tennakoon are graduates from the University of Moratuwa (UoM) in Sri Lanka and are currently working in the Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering department at UoM. They have named their product as ‘ATmosphere’ and have started their own company ‘A & T Labs (Pvt) Ltd’.

Speaking to Lindha Langa, Thilina said, “We thank IWMI’s Dr Yann for the motivation”. “He was also the one who convinced us to make the data open access, so we are currently feeding data to the Weather Underground website” added Anuruddha.

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