A new online news and discussion space on water issues in Sri Lanka has just gone live.

Hosted on the website of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Lindha Langa – which means Around the well in Sinhala – will bring the latest news on water issues in the country, and encourages readers to join in the discussion.

Lindha Langa is the first discussion space of its kind specifically dedicated to water issues in the country.Lindha Langa Home Page

Lindha Langa is a very timely and useful resource for highlighting water issues in Sri Lanka,” said Herath Manthrithilake, head of IWMI’s Sri Lanka Development Initiative, which is about to embark on six major projects in the country. “It’s a wonderful, informal way to share knowledge and encourage discussion on how best to respond to the many water-related challenges and opportunities the country faces.”

While parts of Sri Lanka enjoy an abundance of water resources, many others suffer from water scarcity, with around 70% of the country classified as semi-arid. Droughts have been responsible for the majority of crop losses in the last 30 years; intrusion of seawater into wells in the country’s northwestern Jaffna region is contaminating water supplies for households and farmers; and most of the country’s rivers experience either flooding or dry up for much of the year.

Economic development, population growth, land degradation and climate change are expected to intensify these challenges.

Lindha Langa will keep water managers, researchers and the public abreast of the issues and the progress of research institutions such as IWMI in efforts to develop sustainable solutions.

IWMI – which has its headquarters in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo – is one of the world’s leading research centers on water issues. “We’re in a key position to assist in the government’s development efforts by contributing to improving the management of land and water resources for food, livelihoods and the environment,” said Manthrithilake.

Lindha Langa will help ensure our research – and the latest water news – is easily accessible to all.”

View Lindha Langa at www.iwmi.org/SriLanka