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managing the monsoon-hpt Managing the monsoon (May 5, 2016) - Holes in ground can protect crops from flooding, so why don’t more Indian farmers use them?
Wastewater Irrigation in Karnataka-hpt Wastewater Irrigation in Karnataka (May 4, 2016) - Untreated wastewater often carries pathogens and other dangerous toxins, but many farmers continue to use this water for irrigation because it is the only source available to them.
Yann Chemin and Lahiru Wijesinghe installing a weather station in the Nachchaduwa catchment Press Release: DIY weather stations will aid flood control efforts (May 4, 2016) - New mobile connected device can transform data collection say experts.
rr166 IWMI Research Report – 166 Evaluating the flow regulating effects of ecosystems in the Mekong and Volta river basins (May 4, 2016) - By altering evapotranspiration and influencing how water is routed and stored in a basin, natural and agrarian ecosystems affect river flow. To quantify the impact of ecosystems on streamflow in two large river basins in Asia and Africa, simple statistical relationships were calculated, enabling flow characteristics to be ascertained from basic catchment features. This approach […]
rr165 IWMI Research Report – 165: Controlling floods and droughts through underground storage: from concept to pilot implementation in the Ganges River Basin. (May 4, 2016) - The concept of ‘Underground Taming of Floods for Irrigation’ (UTFI) is introduced as an approach for co-managing floods and droughts at the river basin scale. UTFI involves strategic recharge of aquifers upstream during periods of high flow, thereby preventing local and downstream flooding, and simultaneously providing additional groundwater for irrigation during the dry season for […]
ckdu Thousands ill from mysterious kidney disease, but what’s the cause? (May 3, 2016) - "Increasingly, the finger is being pointed at water," said Herath Manthrithilake, head of Sri Lanka programs at IWMI.
solar water pump-feature Solar water pumps boost household micro-irrigation (May 2, 2016) - The case of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley Region
Going with the flow-hpt Ebb and flow in the landscape (April 29, 2016) - Measuring how ecosystems regulate rivers.
floppy-irrigation-hpt Floppy irrigation flops in Limpopo (April 29, 2016) - Farmer empowerment is vital if new technologies are to help the poorest.
solar Gujarat govt mulls connecting farmers using solar powered pumps to grid (April 20, 2016) - As on date nearly 4,000 solar water pumps have been distributed to the farmers and all these are off grid and farmers are using surplus power for other purpose at their farms. The idea of connecting it to the grid, according to state government sources, is to provide an additional source of income to farmers.