Our research under this theme focuses on the ways water use in agriculture impacts human health and the environment. Our approach
is based on agro-ecosystem management—where maintaining the sustainability of the ecosystem means safeguarding the health of the people who rely on it and the wealth of natural resources it contains.

The goals of this work are: to put health & environmental issues on the water management agenda and to create tools to better address the health & environmental aspects of water in agriculture.

Theme Overview

Here you can learn more about IWMI's Water, Health and Environment research—including objectives, projects, outputs and impacts. This includes a complete listing of publications, the 2002 project portfolio, and logical framework for the theme.

These areas bring together IWMI research on key Water, Health and Environment issues with additional sources of information. Here you will find new research findings, information on current and completed IWMI projects, publications lists and links, announcements of workshops and conferences, news and more.

Current resource areas include:



last updated: 6 April, 2006

Malaria & Water Management

Drinking Water & Domestic Use

Wetlands & Biodiversity

Wastewater Reuse for Agriculture

Pesticide Use
Eco-Hydrological Databases

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