IWMI and the Global Water Partnership Advisory Center at IWMI are initiating a regular Newsletter on issues of environmental water management in Asia (EF)
  • Volume 4 Issue 1(March 2007) [pdf 467kb.]
    10th International Riversymposium and Environmental Flows Conference: A Timely Event in the Right Place – The World’s Driest Continent During Severe Drought
  • Issue 2.1 (April 2005) [pdf 241kb.]
    Environmental water demand and the initiative to keep the Yellow River healthy: The Chinese approach
    Indian National Workshop on Environmental Flows

  • Issue 1.2 (November 2004) [pdf 206kb.]
    Global Survey on the Environmental Flows Concept
    Environmental Flows and Water Resources Management in India

  • Issue 1.1 (July 2004) [pdf 396kb.]
    Frequently asked questions about Environmental Flows
    Environmental Flow Assessment in the Huong River Basin, Viet Nam


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