IWMI publications on managing irrigation water for drinking & domestic use

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General Publications

Van der Hoek W, Boelee E, Konradsen F (in press) Irrigation, domestic water supply and human health. In: UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems.

van der Hoek, W (2001) Overcomng water scarcity and quality constraints: Emerging water quality problems in developing countries. Focus 9, Brief 4 of 14.

Managing water as a basic human requirement
(research from Sri Lanka)

Shortt RL (2001) Water quality and health: implications for irrigation management in Southern Sri Lanka. M.Sc. Thesis, McGill University.

Amerasinghe FP (2000) Health impacts of water resource utilization. In: Proceedings of the 5th International Medical Congress, Peradeniya Medical School Alumni Association (PEMSAA), 21-23 July 2000. Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Meijer KS (2000) Impacts of concrete lining of irrigation canals in Uda Walawe, Sri Lanka. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Twente.

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Domestic water supply & sanitation in irrigated areas (research from Pakistan)

Now available:
van der Hoek W, Feenstra SG, Konradsen F. (2002). Availability of irrigation water for domestic use: Impact on prevelance of diarrhoea and nutritional status of children. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition. 20:77-84

Jensen PK, Matsuno Y, van der Hoek W, Cairncross S (2001) Limitations of irrigation water quality guidelines from a multiple use perspective. Irrigation & Drainage Systems, 15: 117-12

Nielsen M, Hoogvorst AA, Konradsen F, Mudasser M, van der Hoek W. (2001) Child Diarrhea and Hygiene: Mothers' Perceptions and Practices in the Punjab, Pakistan. IWMI Working Paper 25.

Jensen PK (2001) Domestic Users of Irrigation Water - Water Quality and Health Impacts. PhD Thesis, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark and International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka, June 2001.

Jensen PK, Aalbæk B, Aslam R, Dalsgaard A (2001) Specificity for field enumeration of Eschericha coli in tropical surface waters. Journal of Microbiological Methods, 45: 135-141

Van der Hoek W, Konradsen F, Ensink JHJ, Mudasser M, Jensen PK. (2001) Irrigation water as a source of drinking water: is safe use possible? Tropical Medicine and International Health, 6: 46-55.

Feenstra S, Hussain R, van der Hoek W. (2000) Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in the Southern Punjab, Pakistan, IWMI Pakistan Report no. 101. IWMI and Institute of Public Health, Lahore.

Jehangir WA, Mudasser M, van der Hoek W (1999) Domestic uses of irrigation water and its impact on human and livestock health in Pakistan. Third Segmite International Symposium, March 8-10, 1999, Karachi, Pakistan.

Van der Hoek W, Konradsen F, Jehangir WA (1999) Domestic use of irrigation water: health hazard or opportunity? International Journal of Water Resources Development, 15: 107-119.

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Water management for agricultural & domestic use
(research from Morocco)

Laamrani H, Boelee E (2002) Rôle des paramètres de conception, de gestion et de maintenance des périmètres irrigués dans la transmission et la lutte contre la bilharziose au Maroc central. Cahiers Agricultures 11:23-29.

Bolee E, Laamrani H, Van der Hoek W (2000) Multiple use of irrigation water in dry regions of Africa and South-Asia. Communication texts, Volume I, Session 1B -51-58, International Conference "Water and Health - Ouaga 2000. Health and nutritional impacts of water development projects in Africa", Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 21-24 November 2000. Abstract in Cahiers Agricultures, 9 (5): 434. View abstract in English or French.

Laamrani H, Khallaayoune K, Laghroubi M, Abdelafid T, Boelee E, Watts SJ, Gryseels B (2000) Domestic use of irrigation water: the Metfia in Central Morocco. Water International, 25 (3): 410-418.

Boelee E (1999) Irrigation ecology of schistosomiasis: environmental control options in Morocco. PhD Thesis Wageningen University.

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Multiple uses of irrigation water
(research from Sri Lanka & Pakistan)

Now available:
Meinzen-Dick RS, Bakker M (2001) Water rights and multiple water uses: Issues and examples from Kirindi Oya irrigation system Sri Lanka. Irrigation & Drainage Systems. 15:129-148

Meinzen-Dick RS, van der Hoek W (2001) Multiple uses of water in irrigated areas. Irrigation & Drainage Systems. 15: 93-98

Bakker M (2000) Multiple uses of water in the Kirindi Oya Irrigation System, Sri Lanka. In: Samad et al. (eds) Status and Future Direction of Water Research in Sri Lanka. Proceedings of the National Conference Held at the BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 4-6 November 1998. IWMI, Colombo, pp. 29-37.

Bakker JM (1999) Multiple uses of water in the Kirindi Oya irrigation system, Sri Lanka. Paper presented at the National Conference on the Status and Future Direction of Water Research in Sri Lanka, 4-6 November 1998.

Bakker, M; Barker, R.; Meinzen-Dick, R.; Konradsen, Flemming. (1999) Multiple Uses of Water in Irrigated Areas: A Case Study From Sri Lanka. SWIM Paper 8. Follow link to acces on-line: PDF format 362KB - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader™. To order the print version: send your request and postal address to iwmi.publications@cgiar.org.

Meinzen-Dick R, Bakker M (1999) Water rights and multiple water uses: framework and application to Kirindi Oya Irrigation System, Sri Lanka. Paper presented at the 6th Meeting of the International Water and Resource Economics Consortium (IWREC). Hawaii, 28 June - 2 July 1999.

Meinzen-Dick R, Bakker M (1999) Irrigation systems as multiple-use commons: water use in Kirindi Oya, Sri Lanka. Agriculture and Human Values, 16: 281-293

Jensen PK, van der Hoek W, Konradsen F, Jehangir WA (1998) Multiple use of irrigation water, in Punjab. Paper presented at the 24th WEDC Conference on Sanitation and Water for All, Islamabad, September 1998. Pages 191-193 in the proceedings.

Jehangir WA, Mudasser M, Hassan M, Zulfiqar Ali (1998) Multiple uses of irrigation water in the Hakra 6-R, distributary command area, Punjab, Pakistan. Report R-61, Pakistan National Program, International Irrigation Management Institute, Lahore.

Konradsen F (1998) The health and environmental implications of water resources developments. Seminar on Environment, Health and Sustainable Development in the Tropics, 24-25 September, 1998. University of Copenhagen.

Konradsen F, van der Hoek W, editors (1998). Health and Irrigation. Proceedings of the Copenhagen Workshop on Health and Irrigation, IIMI and DBL, Copenhagen, 18-20 August 1997.

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