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Summary for Policymakers

Summary for Policymakers [30 pp.] – Developed by Coordinating Lead Authors of the Assessment. – This overview provides key messages for policymakers, synthesizing results over the entire assessment. It will serve as a stand alone document written for policymakers.

Part 1: Setting the Scene

1. Introduction [5 pp.] – This chapter sets the scene and introduces the context of the assessment.

Part 2: Trends and Scenarios

These chapters assess the trends, conditions, challenges and responses in management of the various water resources for agriculture. They use scenario analysis to assess the impact of near-term investments over the next 25 to 50 years.

Chapter 2  

Trends in water and agricultural development
Lead Authors: David Molden, Karen Frenken, Randolph Barker, Charlotte de Fraiture, Bancy Mati, Mark Svendsen, Claudia Sadoff and Max Finlayson

Chapter 3

Scenarios for water for food and life in 2050
Coordinating Lead Authors: Charlotte de Fraiture and Dennis Wichelns
Lead Authors: Johan Rockstrom and Eric Kemp-Benedict
Review Editor: Mahendra Shah

Part 3: Integrating Issues

These chapters assess the trends, conditions, challenges and responses for four cross-cutting issues, bringing together views and perspectives relevant to these issues that emerge from the preceding chapters.

Chapter 4 

Reversing the flow: agricultural water management pathways for poverty reduction
Coordinating Lead Authors: Gina E. Castillo and Regassa Namara
Lead Authors: Helle Munk Ravnborg, Munir A. Hanjra,  Laurence Smith and Maliha H. Hussein
Review Editor: Jan Lundqvist

Chapter 5

Policy and institutional reform for sustainable agricultural water management
Coordinating Lead Author: Doug Merrey
Lead Authors: Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Peter Mollinga and Eiman Karar
Review Editor: Miguel Solanes

Chapter 6

Agriculture, water and ecosystems: avoiding the costs of going too far
Coordinating Lead Authors: Malin Falkenmark, Max Finlayson and Line Gordon
Review Editor: Rebecca de Cruz

Chapter 7

Pathways for increasing agricultural water productivity
Coordinating Lead Author: David Molden
Lead Authors: Theib Oweis, P. Steduto, Jacob Kijne and Munir A. Hanjra
Review Editor: David Seckler

Part 4: Thematic Chapters

These chapters assess the trends, conditions, challenges and responses in management of the various water resources for agriculture.

Chapter 8

Managing water in rainfed agriculture
Coordinating Lead Author: Johan Rockstrom
Lead Authors: Nuhu Hatibu, Theib Oweis and Suhas Wani
Review Editor: Jean Boroto

Chapter 9

Reinventing Irrigation
Coordinating Lead Author: Jean-Marc Faures
Lead Authors: Mark Svendsen and Hugh Turral
Review Editor: Linden Vincent

Chapter 10

Groundwater: a global assessment of scale and significance
Coordinating Lead Author: Tushaar Shah
Lead Authors: Karen Villholth and Jacob Burke
Review Editor: Fatma Attiah

Chapter 11

Agricultural use of marginal-quality water- opportunities and Chapterallenges
Coordinating Lead Author: Manzoor Qadir
Lead Authors: Dennis WiChapterlens, Liqa Raschid-Sally, P.S. Minhas, Pay Drechsel, Akissa Bhari and Peter McCornick
Review Editor: David Seckler and Sawfat Abdel-Dayer

Chapter 12

Inland fisheries and aquaculture
Coordinating Lead Author: Patrick Dugan
Lead Authors: Vasu V. Sugunan, Robin L. Welcomme, Christophe Bene, Randall E. Brummett and Malcolm C.M. Beveridge
Review Editor: David Coates

Chapter 13

Water and livestock for human development
Coordinating Lead Author: Don Peden
Lead Authors: Girma Tadesse and A.K. Misra
Review Editor: Richard Harwood

Chapter 14

Rice:feeding the billions
Coordinating Lead Author: Bas Bouman
Lead Authors: Randolph Barker, Liz Humphreys and To Phuc Tuong
Review Editor: David Seckler

Chapter 15

Conserving land - protecting water
Coordinating Lead Author: Deborah Bossio
Lead Authors: William Critchley, Kim Geheb, Godert van Lynden and Bancy Mati
Review Editor: Robert Wasson

Chapter 16

River basin development and management
Coordinating Lead Author: Francois Molle
Lead Authors: Philippus Wester, Phil Hirsch and Paul Appasamy
Review Editor: Jean Boroto