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Basin Synthesis Study of the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico for the Comparative Study on River Basin Development and Management

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The main purpose of the basin synthesis study of the Lerma-Chapala Basin is to contribute to addressing IWRM challenges by generating, synthesizing and disseminating useful information and knowledge on basin level water management challenges, for use by local stakeholders, practitioners, development agencies, planners, policy makers, and donors.

Collaborators and partners:
Irrigation and Water Engineering Group, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, Social Participation Group of the Instituto Mexicano de Technología del Agua (IMTA), Mexico and Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), France.

Duration: 2004-2005

Project Proposal: [download word]

Progress Report: [download pdf]


Brief prepared for the WW4, 2006.

Basin stakeholder conference - Programa Preeliminar De La Reunión: Problemas Socio-Ambientales Y Experiencias Organizativas En Las Cuencas De México, 5 and 6 September 2005

Basin stakeholder workshop - Guanajuato En La Cuenca Lerma Chapala. Problemática Y Perspectivas, City of Guanajuato, State of Guanajuato, 15 March 2005 [program]

M.Sc. Thesis

"The Underground" Understanding the failure of institutional responses to reduce groundwater exploitation in Guanajuato. 2004. M.Sc. thesis submitted by Jaime D. Hoogesteger van Dijk to the Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Modelling of the water balances in the Río Turbio aquifer, Mexico Revision of an existing hydrological model and application to the Río Turbio aquifer, Mexico. August 2004. MSc thesis submitted by Martine H.A. Johannes to the Wageningen University, the Netherlands.